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Studios Prince (rooms to let in Sami Kefalonia) welcome you and wish you a pleasant stay
on the beautiful island of Kefalonia, at the heart of the Ionian Sea.

Located ideally at a place that offers our visitors the opportunity to enjoy our beautiful courtyard with moments of absolute tranquility, overlooking either ​​the Ionian Sea, or the green mountains of Kefalonia and, at the same time having easy and very quick access to the center city ​​of Sami, with busy shops, restaurants, cafes, bars, supermarkets, gas stations, bakeries, and many other shops - just 500 meters away as well as the lovely "Loutro Beach" which is 50 meters away.

The double or triple studios are spacious, comfortably furnished, equipped with a kitchenette, allowing the visitor to prepare breakfast or a quick meal. The space of the rooms allows an extra bed or baby cot in case you have a child.

The double studios are located on the lower floor. Upstairs is the double room with its own balcony overlooking the sea and the lush green mountains. In the spacious courtyard-terrace there is a table with chairs. The cleaning service of the rooms is excellent and takes place every second day. Studios Prince also have their own parking area if you rent a car.

In the family business of Studios Prince the environment is friendly and warm. Your holidays here will leave you with the best impressions and will fill your memories at the island of Kefalonia with beautiful moments and pictures.

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A few words about the name and location

The complex is new but it has been built with a traditional design based at the houses of Kefalonia. It is on the edge of the city of Sami, where the ancient city of Sami was located during the Hellenistic-classical period.

The old harbor is immersed in the sea and in the archaeological site (you will see photos on our website), just under the studios are the facilities of the ancient harbor, while behind it is the area that was the houses of the ancient city.

Excavations have shown that the villas of the nobles of the city were in the area, a very big villa / manor, was built on the next plot and the plans show that today's building is in the place of the yard of this majestic mansion.

Excavations also brought to the surface a well and a ‘column of water’ with the representation of ancient water nymphs as well as jugs – amphoras.
These objects are exhibited at the archaeological museum in the island's capital, Argostoli.

So, the accommodation was named Studios Prince, because this place was the villa of a juvenile prince.

Above the Studios Prince, are the two citadels of ancient Sami, which very easily our visitor can visit either from the road by car or, walking on the marked path from which you will see the view of the magnificent blue of the Ionian Sea and the island of Odysseus, Ithaca.

On the great Acropolis (citadel) of Sami you will see the ruins of the Ancient City of Sami, where the suitors started to conquer Penelope, Odysseus’s wife, who was waiting for him to return from the Trojan War, back to Ithaca..

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